Our Story

For us makeup has always been a way of expression and a picker upper. However, for the longest time, we have found it challenging to find high performing yet skin-friendly makeup products. But we came across many others like us who want to explore the colorful world of makeup but are hesitant in doing so because of limited options of safe and skin friendly make up products in the Indian market. We realized there is a need and took upon this task of developing a cosmetic line that will bridge the gap between desirability and availability of credible and safe products, and thus gave birth to Echt Beauti. We offer safe, sustainable and organic beauty.

Our Philosophy

At Echt our product philosophy is to be sustainable and minimalist in nature. All Echt Beauti products are: made of organic ingredients, 100% cruelty free, vegan and completely free of harsh compounds like sulphates, parabens, lead and phthalates. We are proudly made in India. Our decision to formulate and manufacture our products in India was influenced by India’s rich heritage of Ayurveda and how our ancestors used nature-based skin care and makeup products, hence making it the best country to develop and establish a cosmetic line.

Our Mission

We want to be that trusted Indian beauty brand that inspires people for a sustainable lifestyle and reminds them of their internal strength.

Our Differentiators:

We have taken the initiative to create products that fit easily in every one’s busy schedule and are sustainable in nature. Our products are:

  • Not only made of organic ingredients but are vegan as well (free from all kind of animal, insect or marine life bi-products)
  • 100% Cruelty Free
  • Made in India
  • All our products are formulated specifically for the Indian skin tone.

Our Founders

Surabhi Ganguly

Co-Founder & MD

Surabhi left a comfortable life in USA and returned to india in order to follow her passion and dream…….

Shweta Vashishtha


With more than a decade of work experience, Shweta is a dedicated, result-driven and foresighted individual…….