Makeup Tips To Look Stunning In The Sweltering Heat

Summer makeup can be extremely tricky because all the forces of nature seem to be on a mission to melt the products off your face! The heat and humidity can shift your makeup around, and heavy makeup can make you sweat profusely. So, do we give up on makeup altogether in summer? Absolutely not! With these tips and tricks, you can flaunt a flawless makeup look even when the mercury rises!

1. Use Light Base Makeup A cakey base and the summer heat do not go well together! Instead, opt for a thin layer of a light-weight BB cream or liquid foundation. If you tend to sweat a lot, apply a primer before your foundation to make it budge-proof. Also, lightly dust a setting powder over the foundation on the oily areas of the face. This will ensure that your makeup does not look shiny or greasy throughout the day.

If you do not like to apply a full face of base makeup, you can spot correct your blemishes and dark circles with a concealer. Set the concealer in place with a setting powder, and you are good to step out in the summer heat!

2. Go For Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner Panda eyes are one of the biggest makeup disasters that are quite common in the summer. Hence, a waterproof mascara and eyeliner are your best allies. The Echt Beauti Waterproof Gel Eyeliner is perfect for the summer heat and will not budge from your lids all day long! Add a coat of your favourite waterproof mascara, and your eyes are ready to brave the summer!

3. Pull Out Those Colourful Eyeshadows! If you are an eyeshadow lover, summer is the perfect time to play with your colourful palettes. Bright oranges, vivid yellows, and aquamarine blues look particularly spectacular in the summer sunlight and will go well with your summer dresses too. For the quickest colourful eye look, blend a bright eyeshadow on your lid and deepen the crease with a brown shade. This simple hack will elevate your summer makeup look to the next level!

4. Use Tints For The Lips and Cheeks Switch out your creamy and glossy lipsticks for lip and cheek tints this summer. Tints offer a summer-appropriate natural flush to the face and also last all day long. Moreover, they won’t melt off your lips like a glossy lipstick would. Pro-tip: The Echt Beauti Pot Lipsticks work fabulously well as lip and cheek tints and offer easy application on the go! You can quickly create a monochromatic look with the shade of your choice as these can even be blended with fingers!

5. Fix Everything In Place With A Dewy Finish Setting Spray A dewy finish setting spray will add a healthy glow to your face and will also set all your makeup in place. Moreover, setting sprays help to eliminate cakiness and blend out any harsh lines of makeup. You can also carry the spray in your handbag to quickly refresh your makeup throughout the day. Now, that is the kind of multi-tasking goodness that you need in summers!

With these tried and tested summer makeup tips, you can flaunt a full face of gorgeous makeup in the heat. So, say goodbye to sweat lines and greasy patches and make way for compliments on your stunning makeup this summer!