Skincare Mistakes You Must Avoid This Holi To Protect Your Skin!

The weather has warmed up, and our spirits are high as the festival of Holi approaches. Just like every other Indian festival, the preparations for the festival of colours begin weeks in advance. Apart from food and decorations, Holi demands special attention to the skin and hair as well. While herbal colours minimize the risk of skin damage, you still need to amp up your skincare routine to prevent any skin irritation. Here are some skincare mistakes you should avoid before and after Holi to protect your skin to the fullest!

Mistake 1 - Hair Removal Right Before Holi Hair removal is an essential part of the festival prep for many women. However, all forms of hair removal, be it shaving, threading or waxing, leave the skin sensitive for the next couple of days. This can lead to itchiness or even rashes when the Holi colours come in contact with your skin. To avoid this, leave a gap of at least 4 days between your last hair removal session and Holi. This way, your skin will get time to recover and will not be extra sensitive to the colours.

Mistake 2 - Skipping Skincare Before Playing Holi We often make the mistake of skipping our skincare routine before playing Holi because of the festive rush. You may also feel that applying your skincare will be wasteful because you will be washing your face after playing Holi anyway. However, moisturizers and facial oils add a layer of protection that minimizes contact between the colours and your skin. Also, sunscreen protects you from the harsh sunlight when you are playing Holi outdoors. Hence, you must apply a generous layer of moisturizer and sunscreen on all exposed parts of your body. Aloe gel is an excellent moisturizer for this purpose and will keep your skin cool, calm, and protected.

Mistake 3 - Using Coconut Oil On The Face For Protection It is a common practice to slather the skin with coconut oil to protect it from the Holi colours. While this technique works well for the body and hair, applying coconut oil on the face is not a good idea, especially for acne-prone skin. Coconut oil is comedogenic, which means that it can clog your pores and cause acne on your face. Instead, use a non-comedogenic facial oil to protect your face from the colours. Hemp oil, Grapeseed oil and Sweet Almond oil are excellent alternatives that will protect your skin without clogging your pores.

Mistake 4 - Over-Scrubbing The Skin To Remove Colour It is natural to want to scrub off all the colour stains from your skin, but over-exfoliation can irritate your skin even further. So, avoid using harsh soaps that contain SLS and harsh scrubs with gritty particles right after playing Holi. Instead, use a gentle SLS-free soap followed by a DIY scrub made using rice flour or besan mixed with rose water. If your skin is not sensitive to curd, you can make the scrub with curd and besan too. Massage the skin gently with this scrub to get rid of any residual colour. Repeat the next day in case of stubborn stains.

Mistake 5 - Using Actives The Next Day If you use actives in your usual skincare routine, we recommend skipping them for a couple of days after Holi. Allow your skin to recover fully before using concentrated serums. Instead, use soothing ingredients like rose water, vetiver water, aloe gel, and cucumber juice to soothe your skin and heal any irritation caused by Holi colours. Once your skin is back to its original state, you can resume your regular skincare routine. We hope that these skincare tips for Holi will help you give the best protection to your skin. So, this Holi, enjoy the festival to the fullest without having to deal with any skin issues later!