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5 Interesting Facts About Lipsticks You Probably Didn’t Know!

Lipsticks are arguably the favourite makeup item for women across generations. They allow you to make a bold statement, add vibrance to your face, and reflect your every mood. Hence, most of us cannot think of stepping out without adorning our lips with our favourite lip shade. But have you ever wondered what goes inside the lipstick you put on your pout every day? Let’s unveil some interesting facts about lipsticks that you probably didn’t know!

1. What Goes Inside A Lipstick?

A traditional bullet lipstick contains waxes and oils as the base material. Texturising agents may also be used to give the base the perfect consistency. Pigments and minerals are then added to the base to offer the desired colour and sheen to the lipstick. Preservatives and antioxidants are other essential ingredients in a lipstick that protect it from microbial growth and oxidative damage. Additionally, some lipsticks may also contain fragrance, and active ingredients to provide sun protection.

2. How Are Lipsticks Made?

The perfect lipstick is solid in the bullet but melts on the lips to offer even pigmentation. To achieve this delicate perfection, carefully measured proportions of base ingredients are heated together. Then, pigments and the remaining ingredients are mixed into the base to get the right colour and consistency. This mixture is then poured into moulds and cooled to give the lipstick its final shape. Once fully cooled, the lipstick is packed, labelled, and ready to reach your doorsteps.

3. How Much Lipstick Do You End Up Using In A Lifetime?

According to calculations performed by lipstick enthusiasts, if you wear lipstick every single day, you can end up applying as much as 20 grams of lipstick in a year! This can add up to as much as 3 pounds or 1.3 Kg of lipstick in a lifetime! Now that is a lot of lipstick, don’t you think? Since a significant percentage of lipsticks ends up in your stomach, it is crucial to choose lipsticks with safe, non-toxic ingredients.At Echt Beauti we use vegan ingredients derived from organic farming and are the safest choice for your lips.

4. What Is The History of Lipstick Through The Ages?

Sumerian men and women were perhaps the first ones to adorn lip colours made from crushed gemstones more than 5000 years ago. Even the famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, used to dab red pigment derived from crushed beetles on her lips. The first commercial lipstick came into existence in 1884 in France and contained beeswax, castor oil and deer fat as its key ingredients. Since then, there has been no looking back! Lipsticks are now available in every colour under the sun! From pot lipsticks to bullets, from matte liquid lipsticks to glossy tints, there is a perfect lipstick for everyone!

5. Do You Know Some Lipstick Formulations Still Contain Animal Fats, Crushed Beetles, And Lead?

Sadly, some lipsticks still contain animal-derived ingredients, which were first used in lipsticks centuries ago. Carmine is a popular pigment used in red lipsticks, derived by pulverising a species of Latin American bugs. Similarly, beeswax and animal fats are used as base ingredients in various lipsticks. Also, some lipsticks contain heavy metals such as lead in trace amounts, which isn’t even mentioned on the ingredient list. Now, this doesn’t sound like something you would want to put on your lips, right?

Use These Facts About Lipsticks To Make The Smart Choice!

Now that you are aware of these facts about lipsticks, we recommend switching to vegan, organic and cruelty free lipsticks that are 100% toxin-free and you can flaunt your favourite shades without having to worry about your health!

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